Looking for a 100% pure and natural alternative to CBD oil (with no additives or synthetics)?

Looking for a 100% pure and natural alternative to CBD oil (with no additives or synthetics)?

Looking for a 100% pure and natural alternative to CBD oil (with no additives or synthetics)?

Copaiba essential oil is derived from the resin of the copaiba tree which can grow upwards of more than 100 feet and can be found in tropical South America.

Since the 16th century, copaiba essential oil has been utilized in traditional health practices by the natives of north and northeastern Brazil.

Similar to Black Pepper essential oil, Copaiba can help soothe anxious feelings and it can be applied to the skin to promote a clear, smooth complexion.

At a cellular level, this essential oil supports the health of the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems.

Take a look at this short video to understand more about the sourcing and purity of the oil and it’s uses



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Achieve your Goals this week

Achieve your Goals this week

Achieve your Goals this week

If you want to get more done, essential oils can help you to be productive and effective. With uplifting, energizing, and invigorating qualities, some essential oils can be extremely useful in helping you get things done—especially on those days where you are dragging your feet or feeling uninspired. Whether you are training for a marathon, studying for a test, tackling a pile of laundry, or answering emails, you can use essential oils like doTERRA Cheer Touch and doTERRA Motivate Touch to create a motivating and uplifting environment that will help you achieve your goals.

doTERRA Cheer Touch

The doTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend is specifically designed to promote feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness. Sometimes we all need a little boost of optimism when we get discouraged and feel like our goals are unattainable. Big or small, achieving goals requires a positive attitude. When negative emotions have you feeling down, the fresh, warm scent of doTERRA Cheer Touch will bring some sunshine into your day—clearing away the clouds and helping you feel encouraged to achieve your goals.

doTERRA Motivate Touch

Any time we set out to achieve a goal, feelings of doubt and pessimism tend to creep in. We think, “Can I really run my own business?” or, “I’ll never be able to run a mile!” Without confidence or a belief in yourself, it’s difficult to make it to the finish line with your goals. Instead of feeling hopeless or cynical, allow the clean, refreshing aroma of doTERRA Motivate Touch to instill feelings of courage and confidence to see your goals through to the end.

Keep reading for some simple ways to use doTERRA Cheer Touch and doTERRA Motivate Touch to help you achieve your goals.

Achieving goals at work

Apply doTERRA Motivate Touch to the back of your neck before a presentation to help instill feelings of confidence.
During the afternoon slump, rub doTERRA Cheer Touch on your wrists for a happy, uplifting aroma that will help you have a positive outlook during the last few hours of work.
When trying to solve a difficult problem, apply doTERRA Motivate Touch to your temples to help promote focus and dispel negative emotions.

Achieving goals at home

Rub doTERRA Cheer Touch over your heart when tackling big projects at home like starting a blog, taking on a home renovation, or getting organized, to maintain a cheerful, positive attitude.
When your kids are having a difficult time with homework or studying, have them apply doTERRA Motivate Touch to their hands, and cup their hands over their nose while breathing deeply to help promote a sense of focus and confidence.

Achieving your health goals

Trying to summon the motivation to work out or eat healthy? Apply doTERRA Motivate Touch to your temples in the morning to help set your focus for the day.
If you find yourself feeling blue during the dreary winter months, apply doTERRA Cheer Touch across the heart to promote feelings of happiness that allow you to practice self-love and good mental health.
Apply doTERRA Motivate Touch to pulse points before sporting events or competitions to encourage feelings of focus, courage, and confidence.

Achieving your personal goals

If feelings of discouragement are keeping you from reaching personal goals, such as being more patient with your children, breaking out of your comfort zone, or developing your talents, apply doTERRA Cheer Touch to the wrists to keep the cheerful, uplifting aroma with you throughout the day.

When trying to learn a new skill, apply doTERRA Motivate Touch to the back of your neck to encourage creativity and a belief in yourself.


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Using Our Emotional Aromatherapy Blends for your mental health balance

Using Our Emotional Aromatherapy Blends for your mental health balance

I simply love our emotional oils collection, they are life changing for day to day mental health balance. Read on to discover more about their uses for both mental and physical wellbeing ..

Motivate Encouraging Blend is a wonderful combination of several citrus and mint essential oils, including Yuzu, Clementine, and Peppermint. This blend marks doTERRA’s first use of Yuzu, the limonene-rich essential oil expressed from the peel of the mandarin-like Japanese fruit. The resulting chemical profile is high in monoterpenes and monoterpene alcohols, which are known for their uplifting and toning properties.
📝 Motivate is the perfect aromatic compliment to help promote feelings of confidence when working on an important project.

Cheer Uplifting Blend is an invigorating mixture of citrus and spice essential oils. Featuring Wild Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Star Anise essential oils, the resulting chemical profile is rich in monoterpene and aldehydes, renowned for their uplifting and warming properties. Comprised almost entirely of the phenylpropene anethole, Star Anise essential oil brings potent energizing characteristics to the new blend.
💧 Apply one drop of doTERRA Cheer to your hands, rub together, and inhale deeply to help incite feelings of optimism.

Passion Inspiring Blend balances spice and herbal essential oils. Included in the blend is Damiana, a very rare essential oil rich in 1,8-cineole and alpha pinene, which is renowned for its renewing properties. Combining Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, Cardamom, Clove, and Damiana creates a chemical profile with high concentrations of phenols and ethers to provide warming and renewing benefits.
💨 Diffuse doTERRA Passion at your work desk to help spark creativity.

Forgive Renewing Blend mixes familiar tree and herb essential oils to create a diverse chemical profile with high concentrations of monoterpene esters, alcohols, and sesquiterpenes. Most interesting is the introduction of Nootka Tree Wood, an essential oil with a very diverse chemistry composed primarily of soothing and grounding sesquiterpenes. Nootka Tree Oil is known largely for balancing emotions in stressful situations. Pure Thyme essential oil balances out the blend with potent renewing and toning properties.
No meditation session is complete without diffusing doTERRA Forgive to help encourage patience and contentment.

Console Comforting Blend combines floral and tree essential oils. The combination of Rose absolute, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Sandalwood, and several other highly valued tree and flower essential oils creates a blend rich in both monoterpenes and sesquiterpene alcohols. Labdanum absolute provides a number of interesting characteristics to the blend. High in alpha-pinene, Labdanum is highly renewing and its distinctive aroma is prized for its ability to balance competing scents. The final product mirrors its chemical structure and aromatic profile, being highly grounding and renewing.
💦 A drop or two of Console on your shirt collar can be that little extra you need to help counteract feelings of grief and sadness.

Peace Reassuring Blend is a fusion of floral and mint essential oils. The union of popular essential oils such as Lavender and Spearmint, along with the essence of some lesser-known plants such as Labdanum, creates a chemical profile rich in monoterpene esters and alcohols for a renewing and toning experience. The resulting aromatic profile is calming and promotes feelings of peace and reassurance.
💨 Diffuse Peace at night to help promote the calming and restful sleep environment that you need to embrace the next day.

Along with this fabulous offering, these oils are also incredible for our overall PHYSICAL health and wellbeing. Take a look 👀 …

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Best essential oils for hair

Best essential oils for hair

Best essential oils for hair

These essential oils hold cleansing, soothing, and nourishing properties that will promote clean, healthy looking hair.

Clary Sage




Roman Chamomile




Ylang Ylang

Guidelines for using essential oils on hair

For Daily Use – Incorporate essential oils into your daily haircare routine by adding a few drops into your favorite shampoo or conditioner.

Dosage – Putting too much essential oil on the hair or scalp can make it look greasy or oily. Use a small amount, or consider using a spray bottle to avoid this problem.

Fractionated Coconut Oil – Combine essential oils with coconut oil for overnight hair treatments, leave-in conditioners, and other at home hair DIYs.

Cleansing properties

As mentioned, the cleansing properties found in select essential oils aren’t just useful for promoting clean skin and a clear complexion—they can also help cleanse the hair and scalp. The first step to healthy-looking hair is keeping the hair clean. If you struggle with greasy hair, using essential oils during your regular haircare routine can help keep your hair looking and feeling clean.

Using essential oils to nourish and fortify the hair

Everyone’s hair is a little bit different, which means everyone’s hair care needs will vary. Thankfully, because of their unique chemical design, essential oils provide several benefits for the hair, depending on your needs. In addition to cleansing properties that promote a clean head of hair, some essential oils also have nourishing elements that will help the hair look softer, shinier, or smoother.

Whether you worry about frizzy fly-aways; thin, stringy strands; or lack lustre locks, there is most likely an essential oil out there that can help promote the soft, shiny head of hair you want. Some essential oils can be used to smooth out frizzy ends, while others can be applied at the roots to promote a thick, full head of hair.

No matter your haircare needs, the nourishing, fortifying, and soothing properties of certain essential oils can provide a tailored solution to your haircare problems.

Promoting a healthy scalp

Not only are the cleansing and nourishing benefits of essential

oils useful for benefitting the hair, but they can help promote a clean, healthy scalp as well. Because of these benefits, essential oils are commonly used for scalp massages. By massaging the scalp with essential oils, you can help invigorate the hair follicles, cleanse the scalp, and even promote relaxation. A healthy head of hair often starts with the scalp, so allow essential oils to help you on your quest for shiny, smooth, and nourished hair.

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EARLY QUIET TIME Diffuser Recipes

EARLY QUIET TIME Diffuser Recipes

EARLY QUIET TIME 🌅 Diffuser Recipes

Now that you know how to get yourself up even on the roughest of mornings, why not tweak your schedule just enough to allow yourself a bit of quiet time before you begin your daily duties?

If you can schedule to get up early enough, a few minutes (even five or ten) of quiet can work wonders for your state of mind. Get some coffee or tea and add a few drops of Frankincense to the diffuser while you read your Bible, pray, meditate, speak out affirmations or give thought to the day ahead.

Try various blends of Essential Oils in your diffuser each morning. Here are a few to get you started.

• 3 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
• 3 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil
• 2 drops Tangerine Essential Oil

• 3 drops Lemon Essential Oil
• 2 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
• 1 drop Frankincense Essential Oil
• 1 drop Peppermint Essential Oil

• 3 drops Grounding Blend
• 3 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil
• 2 drops Bergamot Essential Oil
• 2 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

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Are you struggling to conceive? Are you worrying about infertility?

Are you struggling to conceive? Are you worrying about infertility?

Are you struggling to conceive? Are you worrying about infertility?

Would you like to find a 100% pure and natural way to support and enhance your body’s natural fertility? We can help 😊

Using our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils to support and enhance your body’s balance.

💧 Clary Sage
This essential oil stimulates the pituitary gland which produces oestrogen. This will help your body regulate its own hormones naturally. Clary sage is also a uterine tonic and is best paired with Geranium. This essential oil is also helpful in relieving feminine problems, stress, depression and anxiety. And on top of all that, it’s a libido booster!

Let’s not forget the men either, Clary sage is also beneficial for male infertility as well as treating male hormonal imbalances.

💧 Fennel
This spicy aniseed-y smelling oil has been known for thousands of years for its effects on the female reproductive system. Fennel helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, specially light and painful periods. Fennel is known to have a strong oestrogenic effect and is one of the most effective phytoestrogenic oils.

💧 Geranium
Geranium essential oil has a profound balancing effect on the endocrine system and helps to regulate hormone function. This essential oil works as an uterine and ovarian tonic. Geranium will help to regulate irregular menstruation to create a regular cycle.

💧 Lavender
Lavender essential oil regulates the menstrual cycle, and contains phytoestrogens. This essential oil calms and relaxes the mind. Trying to conceive can quickly become incredibly stressful and Lavender is a key oil is in relaxing and maintaining calm and peace. Very effective when combined with Geranium and Clary Sage.

💧 Myrrh
This amazing essential oil assists the reproductive organs, is an aphrodisiac (yeah baby!) and also supports hormonal balance.

🙏🏻💧 ClaryCalm Blend 💧 🙏🏻
Money saving tip: A super easy way to combine ALL of these oils is to use dōTERRA’s proprietary blend ClaryCalm.

This blend has Clary Sage, Lavender, Geranium, Fennel, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Cerderwood, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa and Vitex. If this is the route you chose I would add Myrrh to your protocol.

💡 Alternatively, you could make up a roller ball of 5 drops of each essential oil mentioned above, that is Clary Sage, Fennel, Geranium, Lavender & Myrrh, so that it’s easy and convenient to use.

👍 Additional tip: Have a drop of Grapefruit oil in water every morning. This will help to detox your body which will also help your body prepare for conception.

How to use 💦
Start your fertility protocol on the last day of your period. Apply to the lower abdomen and then to the inside and outside of your right ankle twice a day. This is where your vita-flex points are for the uterus and ovaries.

💕 🌷 This is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life, I hope this helps you to reclaim your fertility and fall pregnant with ease and grace 💕

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Focus on Spearmint essential oil and its uses

Focus on Spearmint essential oil and its uses


There are hundreds of varieties of mint, but one of the oldest and most popular is spearmint.

Although sometimes confused with Peppermint, Spearmint is chemically distinct and contains only a hint of the menthol that dominates Peppermint’s flavor.

Spearmint is a milder and sweeter mint—a great option for children or for those with sensitive skin. Some of Spearmint’s primary constituents include carvone (which may support nervous system health*) and limonene (which is responsible for the uplifting benefits of citrus oils), neither of which are present in high quantities in Peppermint.

Spearmint essential oil is common in dental products since it has mild cleansing properties and promotes fresh breath. Add a drop to your toothpaste for a minty boost or add to a glass of water and use as a mouthwash. Spearmint is also soothing to the digestive system and is often taken in water for overall digestive support.* Take a drop or two in a veggie capsule to ease digestive discomfort.*

Emotionally, Spearmint brings clarity and promotes a sense of focus. It blends well with many other oils, including Lavender, Basil, and Rosemary. For a boost of confidence, increased mental clarity, and a pleasing aroma, diffuse a few drops of Spearmint.

To apply topically, dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Add Spearmint to doTERRA Hand & Body Lotion for a refreshing, energizing experience.

Spearmint has cleansing properties that make it especially useful as a surface cleaner. Add to a spray bottle with water to create a refreshing surface cleanser.

Use it in the kitchen and bathroom to help eliminate odors and leave a clean, minty scent behind.

Spearmint oil is popular as a seasoning in marinades, desserts, candy, condiments, and summertime drinks like mint-lemonades and mojitos. Try adding it to your own recipes for a refreshing change in flavor and boost for your internal health.*

Spearmint is native to parts of Asia and the Mediterranean and has been a favorite for thousands of years. Ancient Romans scented baths with spearmint because of its sweet smell and uplifting effects. doTERRA Spearmint essential oil is distilled from true spearmint leaves (Mentha spicata) that are grown and harvested in India, where spearmint is popularly used in chutney.

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